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Hi, we are valerie & jeff

Nice to meet you! We are the owners and artists of MoltenWolf Glass.

Over the years we learned many different ways and techniques how glass can be manipulated.

Since we started our glass art journey, we have developed our very own style, under the name of MoltenWolf Glass. We moved from the US to Bonaire and started our Glass Art shop here.
Together with our creative team and guest artists you can read about below, we are excited to share our love for Glass Art with you!


Artists and owners of MoltenWolf Glass in their studio wearing aprons and holding Glass Fusing tools.

meet the creative team

Fused Glass Art is our passion – All artists of MoltenWolf Glass

valerie wolf


Valerie has been expressing herself through arts for most of her adult life. When she discovered glass art, it opened up a whole new world for her. 

Valerie enjoys making items that are both functional and beautiful.  She uses many different techniques in her glass art that she has learned over the years.  She draws inspiration from other art that she sees in books, museums, and at live events. 

One of the things that Valerie loves about glass is that two different people can use the same medium and the same techniques, but yet produce such different art.

Jeff wolf


Jeff’s entire professional career has been about creating order out of chaos.  In discovering glass art, he started out in the same fashion. All of his pieces were about creating order, straight lines, and symmetry. 

As his experience with glass grew, Jeff fell in love with the unique way glass moves. Many of his designs now focus on the movement of glass, fire, water, and other elements.

Jeff is an avid scuba diver, and you may see him around the island on his Ryker motor cycle.  He loves to interact with people and he will happily talk about anything you want to know more about!

Joel, artist of MoltenWolf Glass, smiling in studio wearing an apron.

Joeldrich muzo


Joel is a Curacao born sketch artist, with a background in graphic design and art.  He joined MoltenWolf Glass as one of our first Glass Artists in October 2021. 

Joel quickly learned how to cut and manipulate glass and he uses his illustrating talents to paint on Glass. 

He loves to experiment with different techniques and he has already produced heaps of Wall art, Standing art, dishes and much more.

Josie, artist of MoltenWolf Glass, smiling in the shop.

Josella martinez Mangle


Josella is from Bonaire, and has roots in Venezuela.

She has a delicate style – a unique signature that you can easily spot in her glass art.  With her creative eye, she loves to make everything she touches as beautiful as can be. This also reflects into her other hobbies such as making colorful paintings, and baking delicious and beautiful cakes!

She gets inspired by nature, she loves to walk her chihuahuas, and enjoys listening to good music.

Artist Jessica standing behind the counter in the shop.

Jessica semeleer-welch


Our shop got a little brighter when Jessica joined our team!

Originally from Pennsylvania, to Jessica Bonaire is home. Since she is a certified tour guide on the island, her knowledge of Bonaire is very rich.

Most of the time you will see her fluttering around our shop, where she is always in for a chat. Feel free to ask her anything related to glass art or even about Bonaire.

Jessica is a writer. From poetry to children’s books and even novels – we are excited to see some of her work one of these days. We bet she has lots of stories to tell!

Guest artists

We are excited to be working together with these Glass artists!
Find their unique art in our store.

Artist of Sea Glass by Jeni holding her sea glass art

sea glass by jeni

handmade with love

Jenifer is a Brazilian who moved to the beautiful island of Bonaire six years ago to work in hospitality. Ever since she was a kid, Jeni has been all about making things with her own hands.

For example, she used to create her own jewelry together with her best friend in high school, and she took fabric painting lessons with her grandma. While working at a friend’s atelier, Jeni would create handmade decor and gifts. And that is not all – her mom taught her the art of baking cakes!

But when Jeni was introduced by a dear friend to the amazing world of sea glass, her heart was stolen. Immediately, she was hooked! The idea of using something so natural, shaped and polished by the sea itself is amazing.

So, Jeni started collecting sea glass and turned them into jewelry and crafts. In 2023, Jeni decided to go all-in and fully dedicate herself to this passion.



Brenda Bultema is the owner of Kazoorose Glass and passionate about glass. She started doing Stained Glass in 2014 when she took a Stained Glass class. At the time, she was a fulltime salon owner and could only create part time.

Brenda’s uncle inspired her to start doing Stained Glass. He began doing this craft when he was in his 60’s and opened a shop with classes he offered until his late 70’s. Therefore, Brenda trusted she could enjoy glass well after retirement.  

She retired with her husband in 2021 and moved to Bonaire in 2022, taking her entire glass studio with her. Here, she continues to create glass art. She is taking commissions and she offers Stained Glass repair.

Vanessa Peralta

stained glass art

You may know Vanessa from her business Wanika. Not only does she create Stained Glass, but she also is an architect, a singer, she designs games, and much more. We are excited that she is bringing the art of Stained Glass to our shop!

Vanessa and her family migrated to Bonaire in 2011, running to safety from Venezuelan’s chaos. Here, they have found peace and happiness ever since.

Her company’s name is an Acronym from a famous quote ‘We Are Not In Kansas Anymore’ from the movie The Wizard of Oz. Like the movie, the journey to come to Bonaire has been a real adventure.

Vanessa started making Stained Glass art in 2005. The creation of every art piece is exciting, and Vanessa is always eager to finish the projects because when the sun shines through them is when the magic happens.

made in bonaire

Jewelry, Functional Pieces and Décor – all of our products are locally made in Bonaire by artists.

What a lot of people don’t know, is that all creations in our store are designed and made in Bonaire by artists. We have a studio where we do most of our work, and in the store you can often see us put designs together as well.

Our employees and us all have different artistic backgrounds and styles – us included. If you come to our Meet The Artist nights often and get familiar with all artists, you might be able to guess who created what!

our history

MoltenWolf Glass is a concept that has been evolving for the last 10 years. We started our glass journey in Phoenix AZ around 2018, where at the time Valerie was making bead jewelry. One day, she decided to learn how to create the beads for her jewelry, rather than just buy them. 

To make her own beads, Valerie took a flame working course. Jeff joined, since it seemed like a lot of fun to work with fire and molten glass. This course sparked a new interest in glass art forever, and we decided to continue this journey.

the future

Here in Bonaire, we want to help develop more local artistic talent into the great world of glass. 

Our concept for MoltenWolf Glass is to showcase not just our glass art, but invite other local glass artists to be part of this great adventure.  Our intention is to foster an artistic community related to Glass art on Bonaire. We are hiring local artists to help then express themselves in Glass, and teaching them the skills to make great art. By hosting events, we hope to get more people into the art of glass.
In the end we just want to show Bonaire and its visitors the beauty of glass in all of the ways that it can be expressed. We hope you all come by and enjoy what we have created!

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