Exploring Glass Art with Jong Bonaire

In June, a group of twelve teenagers from Jong Bonaire, accompanied by their leader Tatiana Nicolaas, visited our studio. Led by artists Jeff, Joel, and Josie, the tour was aimed to introduce the teens to the world of glass art.

During the tour, the teens eagerly interacted with artists Joel and Josie, who shared their personal experiences as artists on the island and what it’s like working at MoltenWolf Glass. The teens were particularly interested in how Joel and Josie could transform their sketches and paintings into glass art. We could tell from their faces that it sparked their imagination!

A Glimpse into the Glass Art Process

The group explored our studio, where they observed the intricate process of creating glass projects. Josie demonstrated how she makes her wave frit design for plates, while Joel showcased how to do basic cuts of glass and taught the teens how to use glass shards for mosaic projects. All together, this hands-on experience gave the teens a deeper understanding of the art form.

Discovering the Studio

Additionally, the tour included a visit to our storage area, where a variety of glass, frit jars, stringers, and other materials are kept. The teens had the opportunity to see kilns loaded with glass molds for slumping and glass projects ready for full fusion. Moreover, they explored the tools used for coldworking glass, such as saws and grinders. As a result, this glimpse behind-the-scenes allowed the teens to appreciate the range of possibilities and techniques involved in glass art creation.


As a parting gift, Josie presented the teens with magnets with different designs as a souvenir and a reminder of their visit to the MoltenWolf Glass studio. We truly enjoyed their visit and we hope we have inspired them to pursue their own creative endeavors in the future!

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