Hummingbird by Joel Muzo

Joel recently unveiled a vibrant art piece of his own: a beautiful Blenchi, also known as the Hummingbird! 

Recently, we have started a new tradition wherein, every few months, a different artist from our team creates a significant art piece that graces our store front. The artists have complete freedom in deciding what they create, adding a diverse dimension to our shop. Joel Muzo is our first Artist to present his work.

The Creative Process

The journey toward crafting the hummingbird art piece was a patient and deliberate exploration. Numerous sketches were born from Joel’s imagination. When he was happy with the final sketch, the experimentation phase started. In this stage, creativity meets the challenges of the aspects of glass. Glass, with its unique properties, demands a profound understanding of its behavior under various conditions. Weeks, if not months, were devoted to perfecting the art of manipulating glass to breathe life into the hummingbird.


Background Symphony

The hummingbird needed the perfect backdrop to truly come to life. Joel’s quest for the ideal setting took him through a series of background experiments. Different colors, textures, and patterns were considered until the harmony between the hummingbird and its surroundings was achieved.


Feathered Friend

Achieving the perfect colors for the hummingbird’s plumage was no small feat. Joel’s working table transformed into a laboratory of hues and shades of glass, as he was seeking to create a palette that mirrored the bird perfectly.

One of the most challenging aspects of the project was replicating the delicate feathered texture of the hummingbird. Meticulously, Joel experimented with many color variations, placing/ stacking variations, and most importantly: experimenting with different heating times in the kiln.

He wanted the feathers to fuse together, but also to keep the overlapping texture. After some trial and error, he made it happen and the final result looks amazing!


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Photography: Darwin Luna Colorado
Graphic Design: Beaming Creative