Our work at Terramar Museum!

On April 28th, we were happily celebrating the Art Exhibition Opening at the Terramar Museum.

“In Honor of the Ocean’ is the name of the second exhibition by WWF Dutch Caribbean and Terramar Museum. The exhibition is a part of the two year program ‘Boneiru Bibu: Bou di Awa’, which spreads awareness of the importance of our marine ecosystems.

Together with various nature organizations and other local artists, we did our part in showing the public our connection with the ocean.

The whole team of MoltenWolf Glass was involved in creating a multi-medium art piece consisting of 3 panels that represent what the people of Bonaire receive from the Ocean:

Food:  Bonaire’s relationship with the water provides us with food we eat on a daily basis. The fishing hook symbolizes the act of fishing, while the glass fish represent the edible sea life.

Income:  Whether it is water activities, nature, tourism or salt

production; our income and livelihoods are based on the ocean. The Bonaire Tourist map in glass represents all the activities that can be enjoyed on the island.

Life:  Without the Ocean, plants, animals and humans would not exist. We opted to create a Mangrove tree symbolizing the Tree of Life, due to its importance to Bonaire’s ecosystem. Underneath the tree, the sea creatures and birds represent all of life.

Panel 1: "Food"
Panel 2: "Income"
Panel 3: "Life"

The exhibition also featured the participation of other local artists. Sharking Daily (Rosaly van Dansik) contributed eight paintings, while Nu Kua Ceramics Bonaire (Monique Ojers) presented an intriguing installation. Jong Bonaire‘s kids created colorful wall art with bottle caps.

Additionally, organizations such as Mangrove Maniacs, Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire, and Greenpeace Bonaire displayed informative visuals and texts to shed light on their important work.

Thanks to the wonderful team at Terramar Museum and WWF Dutch Caribbean for organizing this great exhibition!

The exhibition still runs until June of 17th. If you’re looking to have a cultural day, consider checking out the exhibition at Terramar Museum first, and then head over to our shop where we are showcasing additional marine life on an entire wall. Our shop is located right around the corner at the boulevard – not even a minute walk from the museum.

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