Pop-Up Art Gallery with Sharking Daily

In April, we welcomed Sharking Daily – by artist Rosaly van Dansik-, with her own Pop-Up Art Gallery. 

With a passion for the ocean and a mission to change perceptions about sharks, Rosaly’s vibrant paintings and illustrations cast a spotlight on these misunderstood creatures, challenging fear-based narratives with charm and positivity.


Cuteness With A Purpose

Rosaly brings a unique perspective to her work, blending fantasy with a heartfelt dedication to ocean conservation. Through her art, she endeavors to shift the conversation surrounding sharks, highlighting their importance to marine ecosystems and the urgent need for their protection.

Each illustration serves as a gentle reminder of the beauty and diversity of marine life, encouraging viewers to see beyond stereotypes and embrace the wonders of the underwater world.


trunk fish pencil cases

Art that brightens your day

Beyond her adorable depictions of sharks, Rosaly’s artwork also celebrates lesser-known sea creatures, such as trunk fish, embodying her commitment to shining a spotlight on the unsung heroes of the ocean.

During the Pop-Up, visitors had the opportunity to immerse themselves in Sharking Daily’s world, with a collection of T-shirts, hand-printed tote bags, pencil cases, paintings, postcards, stickers, and more. If you would like to find out more about her work, visit her website www.sharkingdaily.com.


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